LEWIS GRABBAN: Did AFC Bournemouth really just pay £8m for him?

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Eddie Howe is on a mission to make sure that we stay in the Premier League. He has been splashing the cash what seems like here, there and everywhere. In reality it’s £18m on three attacking players.

His latest addition is Lewis Grabban. Yes Lewis Grabban, Yes £8m. Before we say anymore we have to say we are not big fans of Grabban. Which means we think his purchase is a gamble at £8m. We know that £8m doesn’t buy you much in the striker stakes these days, but we think there are better options out there. Why has no-one signed Charlie Austin yet?

We are assuming that this will be the end of the spend in the strikers stakes. And, if it isn’t lets hope its Charlie Austin who does sign.

We dont’t think that Grabban is worth £8m, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. As always there are pros and cons eg PRO: Eddie will get the best from him CON: Needs to many chances to score. What do you think?

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