LIVERPOOL v AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Can the Cherries pick up their first Premier League points?

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Liverpool away on a Monday night in front of the Sky cameras is no easy assignment for any team. The Cherries first ever away match in the Premier League is going to be a grand ocassion that the players and fans will be looking forward. As Steve Cook told TFTSE in a recent interview “I’d love to beat Liverpool at Anfield”. He went on to say, “The atmosphere will be special and to win at a place like that would be amazing”.

He’s right it would be amazing, but we are finding it very difficult to look past a defeat. Liverpool haven’t got off to a flying 2015/16, but their single goal victory over Stoke perfectly demonstrates what a talented squad they have. And, lets be honest if they have an average season they will probably still finish in the top 5.


AFC Bournemouth have never beaten Liverpool in the 6 games we have played against them and we have never played them in the league. So there is not much history between the teams to look back on. There is more history between the managers with Eddie Howe and Brendan Rogers. Howe has learnt a lot from his mentor, telling the Daily Star, “I was a really young coach at the time and to see him at work (at Swansea) was educating and was very important for me in my development. He was very accommodating with his time and I was very grateful.” Will Howe’s insider knowledge help the Cherries grab more than a good performance? Maybe, as Howe said, “Our aim is not to outplay or out-pass Liverpool or any nonsense like that, our aim is to try and win the game.”

Looking at the Liverpool squad Danny Ings is a player who is well-known at Bournemouth. A boy with plenty of potential who was given his opportunity at Dean Court, but after half a season decided to repay the faith shown in him by f**king off to Burnley. He has proved what all thought at Bournemouth and gone on to score goals at all levels. Let’s hope Rodgers doesn’t pick him and if he does Eddie Howe will know how to deal with him. Will he score against the Cherries? It seems almost inevitable (if he plays), but lets hope Elphick and Cook give him a torrid time.

The big question is will we manage to get our first goal in the Premier League? We almost hope not because we want that to happen at Dean Court, but we want/need t score before then. And score we will on Monday night. But a single goal simply won’t be enough against a team looking to kick on and put in a performance in their first home game of the season.

The team against Villa did very little wrong so Eddie Howe will have to decide whether to stick or twist on his team selection. He’s not a man too make too many changes and this will be the case against his friend and mentor Brendan Rogers. We think Gradel will get a start along with Kermorgant while Gosling will retain his place due to little alternative. Personally we would like to see O’Kane start.

A quick look at our head to head record immediately suggests a big fat NO. We have never played Liverpool in the league and for our first time to be away from home is a daunting prospect. Liverpool will be expecting to win and the last two times they played us they won with relative ease. But, who gives a f**k about history, it means nothing and the Cherries will have nothing to lose and all to gain. So come Monday night at 10pm, lets hope history has finally been made.


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It wasn’t all that long ago, you know when were excited because we got a Premier League team in the cup. What made me laugh most was when a lad from Bournemouth came on the pitch (at half-time) and said he supported Liverpool. Its a f**king long way to Anfield, lets hope he got his ticket in the home end. Liverpool had that Raheem Sterling bloke back then, he looked alright. Wonder where is he now?

We would like to say f**k all, but of that was the case they would be out of business very quickly. So they are always a good indicator of the outcome. WARNING: They are not always right, like TFTSE and our score predictions

TheTomkinTimesThere is nothing better than insight from a fan of the opposition. They don’t always think the way we might think they do. They often offer an interesting and unexpected view.
We spoke to Krishen from the long-running LIverpool website ‘The Tomkin Times’. As newcomers to the Premier League we asked what do Liverpool fans know about AFC Bournemouth along with the usual score predictions. Here’s what Krishen had to say

Q. AFC Bournemouth have only ever played Liverpool 6 times and this is our first ever season in the Premier League. What does the average Liverpool fan know about us?

I’d guess Liverpool fans probably know more about the current Bournemouth than the general Prem fan seeing as we played you twice in 2014! What I remember most, is that you actually played football. A lot of teams that get promoted/play against teams in a higher division can be tempted to ‘just’ be solid and hard to beat, but you guys put on a show and gave us a run for our money.
Also, given that last season you scored nearly 100 goals (with over +50) GD means you are an attacking outfit, and really hope that continues (I can’t see Eddie Howe changing that now).

Q. Newly promoted teams are often seen as easy fodder for the more established Premier League teams. Surely at home you must think the win is yours. What’s the score going to be?
I do expect us to win, but I don’t think it will be anything like a routine victory against easy cannon fodder. There are a number of reasons. The fans, players and manager will still be on a massive high from winning the league and gaining promotion which will give you that extra incentive. Add the fact that this is the first time many of your players will have had the chance to play at a ground like Anfield and your manager isn’t the kind of fella to roll over, I see us having a real battle on our hands.
I hope that our quality sees us through. I think it’ll be tight, and with your high energy play, I can see you getting a decent chance or two so I will go for a narrow 2-1 LFC win. And Monday nights have never been good for us!

Q. Which AFC Bournemouth player do you think would/could/might get into the Liverpool matchday squad?
I can’t pretend to know a great deal about your squad, but I know that Atsu has a good reputation. Also, wouldn’t have minded Boruc on a free instead of Bogdan.
I’ve heard good things about Arter, although he’s not available for you (thankfully).

Q. Where do you expect Liverpool to finish this season and do you think you will be playing us again next season?
I’m quietly confident about our season ahead. Something I can’t put my finger on just feels different this campaign. Obviously the signings we have made have enthused us fans, but it could be Rodgers that makes the biggest difference as he seems more focussed. The whole club do. I’ll say we will finish top 4.
I really hope you stay up, and think you will surprise a few teams with your attacking play and intensity. There can’t be enough good footballing teams in the league as opposed to the Pulis/Allardyce style. I see you being a Leicester, staying up and building from there. Was only a few years ago you were in League Two and now you’re in the PL. That doesn’t happen by accident, which leads me to believe you are a very well run club, so even if you are relegated, there will be a plan to see you back up in the very near future.

Q. Eddie Howe is a much admired manager. Would you be happy to have him to replace Brendan Rogers?
Howe already has a better CV than when Rodgers joined LFC (Championship win vs Play Off promotion, though BR had kept Swansea up whilst playing good football (incidentally, another very well run club)). Would I have him to replace Rodgers though? At this moment I’d have to say no. Mainly because Jurgen Klopp has been flashing his knickers at us via his agent so if the position did become available I think he’d be higher on the list than Howe right now, but by the end of the season things may be very different. Howe even said recently that BR and O’Driscoll have been role models for him, so perhaps he would be a good fit.
I’ll have to caveat all of the above and say I DO NOT want BR to be replaced, because if he is, it means LFC haven’t done very well!


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