MARC WILSON: Where will he fit into the AFC Bournemouth defence?

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Twenty-eight years old, six foot two and six years Premier League experience, welcome back Marc Wilson.

The last time Marc Wilson pulled on a AFC Bournemouth shirt was in 2007 when Kevin Bond was in charge and we were in League One. Time’s have changed for both the club and the player. Wilson went back to Portsmouth to become a Premier League player for the first time before moving on to Stoke City in 2010 and making over 170 appearances.

Injury and end of the season means he hasn’t seen any action since the beginning of 2016. This means he will be well rested and ready for the season ahead. But the question is where will he fit into the Cherries defence? Will he be sat on the bench or will he force his way into the team and who will make way for him, if anyone. It’s worth remembering he can play in midfield as well.

pullquoteWill he (Wilson) be sat on the bench or will he force his way into the team and who will make way for him?

He is predominately a right back, but has played at left back and centre midfield. Can he play in the centre of defence as well? If he plays left or right back is Eddie Howe really going to drop Charlie Daniels or Adam Smith? Seems unlikely either will make way especially as Adam Smith was one of our best players last season (and this). If he plays in centre midfield who would make way? Surman? Arter? Lewis Cook? Cook impressed in his first outing, is Eddie going to drop him after just one game. If he plays centre of defence who will make way Cook or Francis. Should be Francis after that cock-up at the weekend (only joking). Neither.

Is there a formation where Wilson (another shirt that’s going to need an initial) can fit in? How about a 4-1-4-1, but this would mean dropping L.Cook. How about a 4-3-2-1 (effectively a 4-5-1), something like this:

Personally we think he will be lining up on the bench. The moment any of the back four get injured Wilson will be called into action, ready to play in any position from left to right. What do you think?

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