MATCHDAY: AFC Bournemouth will be looking for a Liverpool hangover (and a good performance)

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We don’t need to go over old ground, but we all remember what happened at Anfield earlier in the season. The very least we should have had from the game was a point, but luck wasn’t on our side.

Thankfully, the Cherries fortunes have changed and we have had our fair share of luck to help us get what we deserve. After that game at Anfield few would have thought (including us) that the return fixture would see AFC Bournemouth just seven points behind them.



We won our last game and so did Liverpool, but we were playing Aston Villa who haven’t won in forever. Liverpool were playing Stoke and stuck four past them. Before that it was two losses for the Cherries, but Liverpool only managed to pick up a point. We played City and Spurs, they played Spurs and Southampton. Before that two wins for us and two wins for them. So form is very similar with Liverpool grabbing one more point than us.

There is no doubt that Liverpool have a lot of talented players and on paper they should win. But, Eddie Howe wants his team to start performing to the levels they had earlier in the season. And, we the fans don’t want to see us get beaten 3 or 4-0 again. After their heroics against Borussia Dortmund a trip to Dean Court is a bit of a comedown. And, they won’t have 40 odd thousand fans inspiring them.


So, now it’s onto the inevitable stab at the final score. We have never beaten Liverpool, but there is a first for everything and today could be the that day. After we had a perfectly good goal disallowed and Liverpool had a completelly illegal goal allowed, its time for revenge. And, after the result against Dortmund, we don’t think Liverpool fans will be that bothered if they lose. They have bigger fish to fry. So, 1-0 to AFC Bournemouth.

WISHFUL WIN: 3-0 (Wilson, Cook x2)
HEART WIN: 2-1 (King, Wilson)
HEAD WIN: 1-0 (Wilson)


We would expect the mighty AFC Bournemouth to always give their best, but the recent games against Spurs and Man City were a little below our usual standards. Here’s what Eddie Howe had to say in his pre-match interview.


We take a closer look at the stats between the two sides in the easy-to-digest form of infographic courtesy of KICK OFF.
Bournemouth v Liverpool - Kickoff Predictions
Bournemouth v Liverpool - Recent Form H v A


Q. AFC Bournemouth have never beaten Liverpool, who got a lucky win at Anfield earlier the season. What do you think the result will be this time around at Dean Court?

I was looking at your home record, and it appears that you are better on the road picking up 1.29 Points Per Game away from home, but 1.19 PPG at home.
Having said that, it’ll not be an easy game. I really like the way Eddie Howe has you set up. High intensity and attractive football. Two things we have struggled against (Tottenham and Dortmund games spring to mind).
Also we will be missing our first choice midfield pairing of Henderson and Can due to injury, and with a possible hangover from Thursday night, I think we may see a draw.

Q. In the league Liverpool haven’t really reached their own expectations. But, who has shone this season and who do you think will be the danger men on Sunday?

Rodgers’ final season and a bit were a mess. Changing manager mid season doesn’t help either (even if it is Klopp). We’ve seen steady improvements though and expect us to kick on in summer with some new recruits.
Lovren has improved markedly, becoming (probably) our best defender. Can has made strides too, though at his age it’s understandable for him to have a stinker now and then. But I think our best player, especially in recent weeks, has to be Origi. Since Klopp arrived he’s put on nearly a stone in muscle and looks like the exact type of player Klopp would want.
Wouldn’t ignore Sturridge either. After nearly 18 months out, he’s beginning to look back to his best in fitness and sharpness (just hope Mr Hodgson doesn’t notice!).

Q. Which AFC Bournemouth player do you think would/could/might get into the Liverpool matchday squad?

I’ve been impressed with Ritchie when I’ve seen him. Very tidy player with an eye for a pass. Also liked Wilson before his injury (little gem in my fantasy team!). Also Arter looks a player. Not sure any of them would get into the matchday XI, but they’d certainly be in my squad.

Q. How do Liverpool fans perceive AFC Bournemouth after our first-ever season in the Premier League?

It’s been a pleasant surprise. Most people would have had you down as a major contender for relegation, but you’ve been safe from that for some time now. Also, as mentioned earlier, you’ve done it with a style of play that is pleasant on the eye. I consider myself a football fan even before being a Liverpool fan, so the more good footballing teams in the league, the better.

Q. It seems both team will be meeting each other again next season. Where do you expect Liverpool and AFC Bournemouth to finish respectively?

I tipped Leicester to be in a relegation battle this season, so predictions aren’t exactly my strong point, but I really expect us to kick on next season. Some unwanted players will be gone and I hope for a few players to improve our starting XI (very excited about the Gotze rumours!). Plus, Klopp will have imprinted his identity onto the club some more which will hopefully result in us finishing in the top four with some more good cup runs.
In terms of Bournemouth, I’d love to see Howe stay and for you to kick on. With a few smart signings, you can really move up this league table as I don’t think it’s as strong as it used to be. From the outside looking in, you look like an ambitious club and can see you easily becoming the ‘new Southampton’, in that they have become regular contenders for European spots whilst also playing good football only having been promoted a few seasons ago (sorry for comparing you to them!). All in all, I see very positive futures for both clubs.

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