MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Thanks Sky, thanks very f**king much

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It was almost inevitable that the Cherries and Notts County league fixture was going to be on Sky. And moved to a time slot that suits them. As a season ticker holder I now have to forego the traditional Saturday afternoon match ritual and trudge over to Dean Court on a f*****g Monday night after work. Thanks Sky.

I could not go and watch the match in the warm. However, this leaves me with a dilemma. I have already paid for my ticket and I don’t have Sky. This means I would have to go out and watch it, effectively doubling the price of entry. Plus, I would be denying the team my support at the ground where they need it most.

Remember, the team can’t hear you cheer from your arcmchair.

What we want to know here at TFTSE is exactly how much money the Cherries are getting paid? Let’s hope it’s worth it. Plus, do the Cherries have any choice in the fixture change? Someone let us know. I f*****g hate Sky.

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