JIMMY QUINN: Nobody gave a second thought about me, did they?

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Jimmy Quinn, thanks to the Daily Echo, has been given a platform to air some of his grievances against the club.

Apparently he hasn’t been paid since getting the sack in January. Strange that, if I got the sack I wouldn’t expect to be paid either. If you are crap at your job, you are relieved of the position, no more payments, end of story.

Quinn told the Daily Echo, ““Nobody gave a second thought about me, did they? I was told on New Year’s Eve that I wasn’t in a job any more. I was told at nine o’clock in the evening and no thought went into it at all.

Much like the whole of his f**king useless tenure as manager, didn’t seem like there was much thought in that. We at TFTSE know a contract is a contract, but he was paid to do a job and ultimately failed. So in our opinion he doesn’t deserve another penny.

If he had been doing his job properly we would have beaten Blyth Spartans and recieved a tidy sum for TV rights. Perhaps, the club can counter-sue for loss of earnings. I’m sure the money the Cherries would have made from Setanta would have been far more than his contract earnings. Effectively Mr Quinn should be paying the club, as his incompetence cost them dearly.

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