JIMMY QUINN: Please quit now

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It’s been hard supporting AFCB over the last couple of years. Every time we think we have hit rock bottom it turns out we’re not even close.

Last night’s defeat to Blyth was worse than ever, a terrible performance by players who don’t care, run by a manager who hasn’t got a clue. Blyth are two leagues below us and yet we managed barely three shots against them in two matches.

Worse is the way we are playing. We are used to not being successful but at least we had a reputation for being a decent footballing side. Not any more. Our only tactic now is for the defenders to hoof long balls in the general direction of the world’s worst target man Lee Bradbury. Not only is it bad, it’s really, really boring.

The transfer window opens in a few weeks. We need new players, permanent or on loan, and we need a new manager to sign them. Quinn has filled the squad with skill-free non-league cloggers who just aren’t good enough. Any more of those and we don’t stand a chance.

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