AFC BOURNEMOUTH: Rest in Peace. It was nice knowing you

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Just after thinking that the Blyth game was about as low as the Cherries could possibly get Quinn and co manage to prove us wrong, yet again.

AFC Bournemouth 1899-2009
Here lies a once proud club

Barnet haven’t won in 13 games and it showed, but inexplicably they still managed to beat the mighty Cherries. Another completely inept performance with more of, how many times do we have to say this before those two managerial fuckwits finally realise their tactics do not work, the style know as hoofball. If there is anything that makes me want to swear, admittedly there is a lot, is why, why, why are we still fucking launching the ball to yet another small striker.

Quinn told the Daily Echo ‘I won’t quit’. If he isn’t going to quit, then Paul Baker needs to sack him and Tindall and fucking quick, before there really isn’t any hope.

I’m bored of writing the same old shit and what’s worse no-one at the club seems to fucking care. Let Quinn get on with it he knows what he is doing. NO HE FUCKING DOESN’T, HE IS FUCKING CLUELESS.

JOE ROACH AND EDDIE HOWE IN NOW before the club dies an almost certain death.

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