Schmeichel is Premier League quality

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Ex-Cherries player and new Magpies manager Steve Cotterill has said “From what I have seen, he can get back into the Premier League. He’s that good”. Really, that’s no f**king surprise is it as he came from a premier league…
… club with a big pay packet to match.

Allegedly, Schmeichel is on £18,000 a week, or £72,000 a month or £936,000 a year. Take your pick, whichever one makes it look more acceptable to the Football League.

So, with their current financial problems, how can they afford to continue paying the player? Surely, just his and Lee Hughes wages must send the club way past the 60% salary cap. And, if it does what are the FL going to do? Nothing, there are weak, infertile and powerless, so it seems, to stop the club continuing as they are. Imposing a transfer embargo is no deterrent, threat or even inconvenience while they are in their current situation. They have a full squad, which is slowly draining its resources, but will probably still get promoted.

Conversely, AFC Bournemouth is down to around 11 fit professionals with a much smaller debt, but do we get any help. Do we f**ck. We might be lucky to get a loan player, who we don’t even have to pay. But probably not, it could tip us over the salary cap.

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