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The term legend can easily be applied, but in truth there are few that ever reach the heady heights of such an accolade. We all have an opinion on who fits the bill as an AFC Bournemouth legend, but who would top a poll of the all time greats. You can vote in our poll, but without even looking Cherries fans could easily second guess the top two.

Supa Fletch and Ted MacDougall are the obvious candidates for the greatest Cherry ever. But, Eddie Howe is making a good fist of forcing his way into the top two. Surely, by the time he leaves (for the second time), he will have achieved more than any other player associated with AFC Bournemouth. How many Cherries players have had as much success as Eddie Howe as a player and manager?

There is one obvious candidate in the shape of Harry Redknapp. His Cherries playing career was brief, but his managerial career saw him take the Cherries to the heady heights of the Second Division for the very first time. Something no other manager will be able to achieve. However, Eddie Howe could go one better and take the Cherries to the Premiership. Surely then he would have to be the top all-time Cherry.

But we digress, and back on the player front there is a host of candidates that will be the No1 all time Cherry for many. What about the the Championship winning team of 1986/87. Surely, Mark Newson, Paul Morrell and Sean O’Driscoll would easily make the top ten. What about Jon Bailey, the only AFC Bournemouth player to score at Wembley? What about Ian Bishop, a truly talented player, Phil Boyer, Ted MacDougall’ s constant companion and Luther Blissett, the goalscoring machine.

Our list could go on and on, but for us the greatest All-tine cherry has to be Supa Fletch. Not for his goalscoring prowess, but more for his dedication to the club, big personality and uncanny knack to score crucial goals. Who can ever forget his goal against Grimsby in 2009. We never tire of watching the big man swivelling to power home the ball and send the crowd into ecstasy. A moment never forgotten. In fact, we love the moment so much we have included here for you to enjoy, over and over again.

We have included just a few that could be classed as Cherries legends, but what are the qualities that makeup a legend? Longevity? Loyalty? Talent? Goals? Performances? The answer is there is no single or simple criteria. A legend could be one or any combination of the previously mentioned and there is one player in particular in the current squad that is slowly bringing together many of the qualities to join the legends of AFC Bournemouth, MR STEVEN COOK.

He has been at the club since October 2011 and is currently on 79 appearances in total. That that gives him a plus in the longevity stakes, but what about goals. We know, he’s a defender, they don’t score many goals, but his goal against Millwall recently was a key part of the comeback. Looking at loyalty it is hard to judge, he may well leave in January, but we get the impression that he is here for the long haul, yet another plus point in the quest for legendary status.

What else does the man need to do? Performances, this is where he really shines. Looking back at our Man of the Match polls and Player of the Month polls, the name Cook is a recurring theme. He has been consistently at the top of his game and we cannot remember him having a bad game, but we are sure he must have had one or two. If you can remember one let us know.

He may not fill all the criteria just yet, but we reckon, if he decides to stay and helps gets us to the Premiership, he will be truly able to call himself an AFC Bournemouth Legend.


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