STEVE COOK: Still the right man for the job

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It’s been a nearly a week since AFC Bournemouth were handed a footballing lesson by League leaders Liverpool. Mo Salah, ‘one of the best players in the world’ showed exactly how good he can be. Like we didn’t know.

But, it seems that for some short-sighted fans it was all Steve Cook’s fault. Frankly I suggest you go f*ck yourself. The man has been a consistent performer every since he joined the club back in 2011. Imagine playing over 250 games for your club, over 130 of these in the Premier League and having an off day occasionally. It’s outrageous that someone is not at 100% all of the time. Give the man a break.

Not a vintage performance

While Cook’s performance was not a vintage one, he can hardly be blamed for the entirety of a 4-0 defeat against the team that are top of the league. A team that are ahead of Man City, a team that have only conceded six goals in 16 games this season. A team that have scored 34 goals and have yet to be beaten this season.

Steve Cook has proved himself time and time again for AFC Bournemouth. There is his superb strike against Liverpool in the 4-3 win back in 2015. Think he got a few plaudits that day. I wonder how many headers and tackles he has put in over the course of his AFC Bournemouth career that have saved us, or gained us, invaluable points. He is only 27 years old and is still a very capable Premier League defender. Remember Nathan Ake cost £20m pound while Cook cost around £150k.

We all know footballers will have days where they are not 100%, (Chukki Eribenne had plenty of them), and whether we like it or not AFC Bournemouth are not a ‘Top Six’ team. We will struggle when we take on a team that has a strike force of Liverpool’s calibre, most teams do. The best we can hope for is our team to be brilliant, the opposition to have an off day and the officials to get the big decisions right (unless of course they are in our favour).

A touch of ‘PremierLeagueitis’

We are in the Premier League and we are doing well, but take a reality check. We may have one of the best managers, but we do not have the same level of investment as the bigger teams. I wonder how much Liverpool’s team cost compared with AFC Bournemouth.

Historically we are still a team who are very new to the top division. Some seem to have a touch of ‘PremierLeagueitis’ where its easy to criticise any error because we get to see the endless replays and nonchalantly talk about spending £20/30m as if its a dip in the ocean. It will take time to build a new generation of AFC Bournemouth fans, it will take time to build a team that could compete at the top (and it may never happen). And without players like Steve Cook we would have never got to where we are today.

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