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  • Football League One
  • 22 September 2012
  • Att: 8533
  • Ref: Woolmer
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MATT RITCHIE | Swindon 0-1
Wes Fogden picked up the ball midway in his own half and passing blindly gave the ball to Matt Ritchie who put an unstoppable 25-yarder into the top corner.
ANDY WILLIAMS | Swindon 0-2
A simple cross from the left headed towards the middle of the box for Willimas to head home completely unopposed. Abysmal defending.
MATT RITCHIE | Swindon 0-3
A free-kick from right completely bypassed the visiting defence and Shwan Jalal to nestle in the far corner
ADAM ROONEY | Swindon 0-4
A short ball from the edge of the box to an overlapping Swindon player saw a simple low cross into the box that managed to avoid all the visiting defenders for a simple tap-in

“You make basic mistakes in bad areas and it will cost you, and that’s what happened today” PAUL GROVES – The incisive Cherries boss










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Where the f**k do we start. Yet another abject performance masterminded by the criminal Mr Paul Groves. The man cannot get anything right, well apart from stating the f**king obvious in an interview. If we were in a generous mood, which we are not, you could point out that the lack of a few key players had an impact on the outcome on the game, but not to the extent that happened today. But, this would be just an excuse for a man who may be a great coach, (we didn’t say this) but is a poor tactian and man manager. He seems to have sucked the live and desire out of the players, which is slowly permeating the fans. We at TFTSE towers, are still going to games, but its more out of duty rather than desire. The thought of watching another PG guided show fills us with dread and we really could spend that £20 on something better. It almost makes us want to go and watch the Premiership (not them up the road of course).

“With every game Mr Mitchell (and us) are getting further and further away from the promised land.”

So what does Mr Groves need to do? Resign, but that’s never going to happen, so let’s rephrase the question, What does the manager need to do? Personally, we think the squad is too big which leads to a lack of bonding. There are too many peripheral members and trimming the squad down to 25 would still allow us 3 goalkeepers, 8 defenders, 8 midfielders and 6 strikers. Obviously, the squad still needs a leader, a man with personality, a man with vision and the character to convey his message. And guess who that isn’t.
We still cannot believe that after 8 games that there is still no cohesion, or any promise that the team is just about to turn the corner and power on to promotion glory. Its been said enough times by enough Cherries fans that someone in charge should take note. With every game Mr Mitchell (and us) are getting further and further away from the promised land. He needs to take note before the fans simply cannot be bothered to turn up and watch more mediocre, soul-destroying, relegation-threatening dross dressed up as football.



John Williams says, they don’t become bad players overnight they just need guidance..sums it up in one…..#AFCB Groves out of his depth..
We all saw this coming 5 months ago. We wanted to be proven wrong. We haven’t been. Groves out. #afcb
I never fully realised how much a player’s skill depends on confidence – today’s man of the match for #afcb – the coach driver
Listening to Addisons interview on solent its clear there is no leadership or direction in the club. No team spirit. #Grovesout #afcb
Groves: “I can understand the fans’ frustrations, who wants to travel to a game and watch that? No-one. We have to get back on track.” #afcb
Listening to Paul Groves on Solent proves he is infact CLUELESS! #grovesout #afcb
@solentsport totally inept display, by a totally inept team, led by a totally inept manager. #grovesout #afcb



Swindon swipe aside Cherries

So, we made it through the “magic” roundabout and were carefully directed to the furthest corner of the County Ground, Swindon. It was sunny and the crowd seemed to find optimism from the weather as the old favourites were belted out, overshadowing the Swindon crowd. Maybe it was the blitz spirit because we had all seen the team sheet and let’s be fair, it looked grim. No width, no enforcer, no right back and Grabban up front, again.

It took 4 minutes to realise that Swindon had also looked at the team sheet, as they poured down the right, crossed in and how the striker missed from 10 yards we’ll never know. O’kane offered some hope 2 minutes later by running with the ball (yes running) and striking from 20 yards. Sure, it worried the corner flag more than the goal, but at least there was some intent and at least encouraged Nonny for his first rendition of “REEEED AAARMY”. From then on it was a catalogue of missed passes, lazy “runs” and general ineptitude. Swindon were streaming down both wings as they wished and there was just no answer from AFCB.

After 9 minutes the warning signs were there as the ball was given away, Swindon went down the right and crossed only for Jalal to push it out into the danger area – this was luckily cleared – the next wasn’t. Fogden was the guilty party giving the ball away in defence, the ball coming to Richie, who smashed in from 20 yards. That prompted the song “You’ll never buy Matt Richie” – difficult to argue – but why would he come anyway? To their credit AFCB did try to come back but on the few occasions balls were crossed in there was no-one in the box, or worse still, Grabban was there. The best thing he did all game was on 34 minutes when he ran with the ball into the area and then, with his back to goal, jinked one way, jinked the other, then fell on his face. Unfortunately he was able to continue.

By then it was 2-0 as yet another ball was given away by the most woeful midfield in a long time, Swindon rushed down the left unchallenged, crossed it in and met by a similarly unchallenged header from Williams. Despite the ball spilling and general lack lustre display AFCB could still have had a chance had Tubbs’ 44th minute 1 on 1 not been well saved but by then it would have been a matter of papering over the cracks. Subs were made at ½ time (25 mins too late) (fogden/Wakefield + McDermott/Mcquoid) and Wakefield did have a shot after 50 minutes that the keeper saved well. That and a Tubbs mis-hit shot on 60 minutes were the only highlights as AFCB failed to improve tempo, passing prowess or movement as Swindon dominated.

I particularly enjoyed the skills Addison deployed to give away a corner when having the ball at his feet 40 yards from goal – it takes a special gift of someone with the turning circle of an oil tanker to make that manoeuvre and fire the ball into the crowd – bravo I say. On 66 minutes a Richie free-kick from 45 yards wide on the right sailed over all the defence, all the attackers and very nearly knocked the cup of tea out of Jalal’s hands as it nestled in the back of the net.
That prompted the first and by no means last chant of “Groves Out”. Now I don’t believe in making that kind of protest DURING the game as I think it can’t help what’s going on on the pitch. I was very much in the minority as this became the theme for the rest of the game. The fact they scored a 4th from the umpteenth run down the flanks, cross, and side foot in just rounded the match off in the 86th minute – although to be fair they almost did get a 5th in injury time.

Summary – the formation was poor, the tactics poorly thought out and performed, the substitutes came way too late and the team played as if they’d not met. By the end of the game the players were arguing amongst themselves and passing the blame, instead of the ball. IMO Groves is out of his depth and needs to go sooner rather than later else the season will be gone before we know it – and with the money that’s been spent, what will that mean for the club?

STAR PLAYER: EVERY AFCB supporter who spent 4 hours travelling and £25 to be embarrassed at work on Monday

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