SYLVAIN DISTIN: Should he keep his place in the AFC Bournemouth defence?

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Sunderland at home never quite lived up to its billing as AFC Bournemouth got the job done and the three points in the bag in the first 10 minutes.

But as the saying goes ‘You can only beat what’s in front of you’, and this is exactly what AFC Bournemouth and Mr Distin did. He was strong in the air, strong in the tackle and played the simple ball.

At 37, he became the oldest outfield player in the Premier League, he showed all his experience when needed. But, his Cherries debut was undoubtedly against the weakest team in the Premier League. He had little to do, in fact the whole game was a stroll for him and the rest of the Cherries defence who were rarely troubled.

There will be far tougher tests to come this season but the question is should Distin keep his place in the team when Elphick is fit. This also raises the question who should he replace. Arguably, Steve Cook has been the weaker of the two central defenders, but weak enought to drop? Perhaps, now is time to give Steve Cook a rest and let Distin try and prove his worth.

We are big fans of Steve Cook, so we still remain on the fence and will leave it to the rest of you to decide.

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