SUPA FLETCH RETURNS: Eddie Howe brings back AFCB legend

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Super Fletch shows some passion

Super Fletch shows some passion

Steve Fletcher has returned to Bournemouth, a season and a half after being ditched by Kevin Bond. The signing should be completed on Friday in time for him to make his second home debut on Saturday.

I’m not quite sure why, but this seems like an exciting move. Okay, so he’s 36, past his best, and best wasn’t all that good to begin with. But he is a true AFCB legend, and if nothing else will show lots of passion and effort, something that has been sadly lacking from the rest of the squad all season.

The revival starts now. Six points are a must from the next two games. If we can add maybe another new face, and get more from the ones we’ve already got then it’s not over.

Come on Eddie! You can do it!

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