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Paul Groves is a manager that seems to have a lot in common with his recent predecessors. Not Eddie Howe, but the less salubrious Jimmy Quinn and Lee Bradbury.

Memories of Jimmy Quinn’s reign are still clearly etched in the memory of those who had to endure his tenure. Brief glimpses of glory were heavily outweighed by a swathe of some of the worst football ever seen at Dean Court.

Part of Paul Groves plan of attack seems to come from the Quinn school of thought

The man’s mantra was all about getting balls in the box. According to Mr Quinn crosses into the box were the key to success. This is a game plan that obviously never quite hit the heights, or the net. Part of Paul Groves plan of attack seems to come from the Quinn school of thought. Balls in the box, balls in the box, balls in the box. This approach seems to be working as well for Mr Groves as it did for Mr Quinn.

It would be unfair to say that Paul Groves is as one-dimensional Jimmy Quinn, he has also adopted the traits of his immediate predecessor Mr Lee Bradbury. Presented with a large cheque book Paul Groves has decided to go out and buy as many talented players as he can find. How many strikers do we have? Eight, that’s one for each different plan of attack Paul Groves has devised in his obvious push for glory.

Good players need to be moulded into a team, they need to respond to the manager and this is where the current manager looks certain to follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Quinn and Lee Bradbury.

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