THE PRICE OF SUCCESS: How much for an AFC Bournemouth season ticket?

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The recent release of the new AFC Bournemouth season ticket prices brought a few gasps, us included. £500 for a season ticket, that’s a lot of money, except for the players who must be earning a fortune if club accounts are anything to go by.

Lets not argue, £500 is a lot of cash, but first think what are you getting for your money. The 2014/15 season could see the Cherries make a realistic push for the play-offs and a chance of promotion to the Premiership. This would be the first time in the top flight in the clubs history. And, what price would you put on that. More than £500 that’s for sure.

Looking past the sentimental side of the issue, there is cold hard cash to be parted with. But, a season ticket still offers good value for money. The price rise in percentage terms, around 20%, may seem steep but its not that bad. Matchday ticket prices were bound to rise so it was obvious that season ticket prices would rise.

“A £500 season ticket for 23 games works out at around £22 a game. How much was it for a seat in the East Stand and South Stand last season?”

A £500 season ticket for 23 games works out at around £22 a game. How much was it for a seat in the East Stand and South Stand last season? £21. So for non-season ticket holders who came to nearly every game (say 22) the price for the season would have been around £460. Make that all games and it would have been over £480. Add in booking fees for those using online facilities and the total would have been around £500.

While the £500 figure by itself is frightening, in reality a season ticket for 2014/15 season is still as good a deal as last season. Plus, if you don’t get one what will you be paying to enjoy the Cherries second season of success. If ticket prices go up to £23 or £24 a game it will cost well over £500 to go to every game.

There is no doubt that success comes at a price and it would seem that price is an inevitable increase in ticket prices. But, this is only one part of the equation. While fans are parting with an extra £100 (and if the games are as good as March and April 2014 it will be worth it) a rich Russian is parting with a lot more. Chairman Jeff Mostyn said “Debt is debt but we don’t owe anyone outside of the football club any money. That has got to be the first time in this club’s history. What we have is an ambitious owner who has a desire to take this club as far forward as he possibly can”. He went on to say, “What is wrong with having an owner who is determined to put his own money into a football club and take it as far as he can? The answer is there isn’t, but we just have to hope he stays as that extra £100 a ticket will pay for very little.

So, are you happy to pay the price of success? Of course you are, and if we do make it to the Premiership it will have definitely been worth it, we hope.

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