THE REFEREE’S A ….: The current state of League Two officials

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Make up your own headlines, but its seems the general standard of League Two referees is pretty poor. If I started to list every mistake a referee made, just at Dean Court, I would be here until the end of the season, at least.

It is at this point that I should offer special dispensation to Andy D’Urso, who may not be a regular lower league ref, but he fucking should be. I haven’t forgiven him for sending off Shaun Cooper, can’t remember against who, in a very poor display. I say fuck off back to the Premiership you incompetent useless fucking halfwit.

Steve Bennett, is another useless pea brain, takes us back to Leeds last season, sends off Bradbury but should have sent off Prutton.

To more recent matters and this time its Pat ‘One-Eyed’ Miller who deserves a kick up the ass and a stint in non-League football. I have watched the supposedly deliberate Joel Ward handball about six times and I still cannot believe how he ever gave that as deliberate and got him sent off. The Cherries trying to get back in the game, albeit a bit late, and the useless tosser effectively hands the points to Shrewsbury, who to be fair probably had it wrapped up anyway.

So, Mr Pat ‘One-Eyed’ Miller is the first recipient to have the pleasure of making it onto the TFTSE Hit List. I’m sure there will be plenty more as the season goes on, but Pat will always be the first.

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