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Q. Much has been said and written by many, but how did it feel to be Premier League champions? Do you think Leicester will ever achieve such a feat again?

Great question. Well the owner wanted Champions League football within 3 years and he certainly didn’t expect it in year 1. We all thought he was aspiring to better things but not many thought that we would realise it.
How did it feel, well all we can say is we’ve had promotions and relegations from the Championship followed by the great escape. Becoming champions bought the community together, that was wonderful. To see the whole world focus on little Leicester was a little bemusing but you can never take it away … it was something that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime.

To repeat the feat I think the whole Premier League now has real aspirations to win it and I think we should build on what we have done to create a stable strong club that can challenge for honours year in year out.

Q. AFC Bournemouth and Leicester have met a few times over the last few seasons. What do Leicester City fans think of AFC Bournemouth as a club?

From an outsider Bournemouth seems to be a very well ran club that wants to grow organically, they don’t seem to overspend or take things for granted. A solid set up with a up and coming manager who could make your club stronger and stronger given the right tools.

I hear you want a bigger ground. You have the support I’m sure you’d fill a bigger ground.

Q. Leicester have had a slow start to the Premier League season. Do you think the win over Man City will give you the confidence to beat Bournemouth? What do you think the score will be?

Leicester have had an indifferent start to the league but have done OK in Europe. We are focusing on the next couple of months now and we can and will pick up points and the confidence seems to be back with that win. I’d take a draw but it depends on what team turns up. Three would be nice.

Q. Are there any AFC Bournemouth players you would like to see in the Leicester City team?

Jordan Ibe looks talented. I look at the opposition and see if anyone is better than what we already have.

Q. What do Leicester fans think of Eddie Howe as a manager. And, what do Leicester fans think of Ranieri this season?

Eddie Howe was progressive and then Burnley came after him it was a good learning curve which he’s used for you. I like him, just don’t lose him.

LCFC won’t admit it but they are worried that he has a soft underbelly, a great tactical manager but we wouldn’t want to be in a dog fight with him. He’s always been higher up the league.

Whatever happens this year, he bought us the league. Therefore Legend.

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