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Max Denim, Eddie Mitchell and Eddie Howe have all played a big part in the recent success of AFC Bournemouth.  On the field Eddie Howe was nothing short of a miracle worker in his first spell in charge. But, it was thanks to the hard work of Mr Mitchell, that the Messiah returned to take us to the promised land. It was Mr Mitchell who courted an extremely wealthy Russian. It was Mr Mitchell who persuaded him to take a 50% stake in an up and coming club situated next to the best beaches on the South Coast.

But to truly appreciate what AFC Bournemouth currently hold in their hands, we need to look back to more troubled times. The catalyst for todays success can be traced back to time when the club were in a constant state of financial flux. The unintentional instigators were the hapless pair behind Sport 6. When Mitchell took over he mentioned that they had left a ‘legacy debt’ that meant ‘All kinds of everything was owed to all kinds of people after Sport-6’s disastrous year in charge”.

But, it wasn’t the financial mess that they left behind, but the appointment of a certain Jimmy Quinn that provided the path to enlightenment. With possibly some of the worse football ever seen at Dean Court, he simply had to go. This lead to the appointment of Eddie Howe, which proved to be a master stroke. He may have been the ‘cheap’ option, but he was a man with a love of AFC Bournemouth, and great man management skills. His success on the field is well documented as was Eddie Mtichell’s. When Howe left Mitchell was lambasted for letting him go, but he sold a team to point the finances in the right direction and got a rich Russian to invest. Without him where would we be?

The same can be said for Jimmy Quinn and Sport 6. Without their ineptitude and cluelessness on and off the field, would Eddie Howe ever been appointed? Would Max Denim have been courted by a dodgy builder made good? So, oddly, we can place them next to the more obvious candidates as the saviours of the present day AFC Bournemouth.

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