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While Jimmy Quinn has come under fire for the shocking performance at Blyth, his half-witted assistant Jason Tindall has chosen to comment on the game and prove how completely clueless he really is.

Tindall told the Daily Echo, “Anyone who thought going to Blyth was going to be an easy game doesn’t know too much about football” The full article ‘Let’s get back on track says Tindall’ is available on the Daily Echo website.

No-one thought is was going to be any easy game and losing to a non-league side is not the end of the world. However, what really pisses off the fans is the performance and obvious lack of tactical guidance from the management team.

The reference to office workers is ill thought out as well. If I did my job as badly as Quinn and Tindall I would get reprimanded and if I continued to perform badly I would be sacked.

He also said, ““Previous to the Blyth game, our form had been very good. We were unbeaten in six and had only lost one in eight so we still feel we’re in good form”. Our form has been very good, who is he kidding. Lets look at that from another angle. A bunch of Sunday League performances with Sunday League tactics has seen us win one of those six. Not good enough. Tindall you are an incompetent idiot. Say goodbye now you useless gimp.

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