TYRONE MINGS: A trial by media, pundits, ‘experts’ and ex-players

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The media, you’ve got to love them. They will do pretty much anything for a extra sell or hit online. And they are loving the fact the big incident of the weekend came against Man United.

They can’t get enough of it. Would there be this much coverage dedicated to an accidental tread on the head if we had been playing Swansea or Sunderland? We will leave you to make up your own mind on that one.

We have heard a lot from ex-Man United players giving their ‘unbiased’ opinion on how it’s a disgrace that someone should accidentally brush Ibra’s hair with their boot. Not heard a lot from ex-Bournemouth players on the matter. Probably, because no-one would have a clue who Tommy Elphick is. Perhaps, they don’t have a valid ‘expert’ opinion.

“There is sense in the form of MOTD’s Danny Murphy, who stated that the more he looked at it the more he thought it was accidental”

Desperate for a Man United connection (perhaps they should have asked Josh King) we even heard ex-Man United striker Danny Webber on the radio. Wonder what his opinion was? Who? You know, the striker who played for them between 1998 and 2003. Not sure he made a first team appearance. You know, the agent suspended by the Football Association for breaking rules surrounding representing academy stars. However, there is sense in the form of MOTD’s Danny Murphy, who stated that the more he looked at it the more he thought it was accidental.

And, the best bit for us is the ex-pros who are condoning the revenge tactic. What sort of message does this send out. He ‘stamped’ on his head so he deserves a pre-mediated elbow smash to the face. If Mings had stamped on Ibrahamovic he would be sporting something far worse than that stupid f**king top knot. We haven’t seen any pics showing off the result of this horrific stamp.

Ibrahamovic has his expected three game ban. Can we now expect the shitstorm that the FA are bringing our way? We have been resisting the urge to speculate on the outcome of incident, but the crap being spouted across the airwaves really has been giving us a real sense of injustice. What do we expect? Five game ban for Mings and a ban for Surman. But, at least we got a point, the same as Man United did šŸ™‚

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