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It’s a stupid question, of course he will, it’s simply a matter of time. However, the longer the scoreless run the more restless the natives have become.

‘Is he really worth £2.5m?’, ‘We should have got Danny Ings back, he’s on fire’. These are a few comments that I have heard from the restless few.

We always knew that Ings would come good, and Vokes for the matter, but he choose to leave, for pastures richer. And, frankly we dont want him back.

We have invested in a player who is still only 23 with a career in the ascendency. He turned down more attractive propositions from other clubs, so he obviously wants to be here, more than can be said for Ings. He may see the Cherries as a stepping stone to the next level, but this in itself shows how ambitious he is. To acheive his goal, he will need to prove himself at AFC Bournemouth. This can only be good for us and his career.

The next question is why hasn’t he scored. Eddie Howe was asked something similar and pointed out that he believed in Rantie and that was why he was playing him. He also suggested that he is still acclimatising to English football.

As Rantie himself admitted ‘It has been a struggle’, but he also pointed out that he had to get used to English football. And, perhaps more importantly he also said that ‘He had to deliver and I will’.

Better footballers from abroad have been thrown straight into Premiership and Championship and have struggled to adapt. Why would Rantie be any different. Where has he played his football previously? Sweden for Malmo, South Africa for Orlando Pirates and, of course, internationally he has made appearances for South Africa, and scored when away on International Duty.

He was hardly prolific at his previous clubs, but he still offered an attacking threat and scored goals.

We are TFTSE Towers are sure that the Swedish and South African leagues are very competive leagues, but are they as good, or the same as English leagues? We would imagine not.

So, will he prove to be money well spent or serious cash wasted. Only time will tell, but with only six starts under his belt its still too early to judge. Today is game 7, now would be a good time to silence his critics. But, we can wait and when he comes good we can say we told you so.


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