WIN, WIN, WIN: Get your hands on a Savile Rogue scarf

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Winter is coming and a lovely knitted cashmere wool scarf is the perfect way to keep warm in the stands at Dean Court.

And the best bit is you won’t even have to pay for it (if you win the competition). So what do you need to do? Answer three very simple questions. Nothing as complicated as who scored the winner against Northampton away in a 2-1 win. Answers on a postcard.


1. Answer the following questions

What year was AFC Bournemouth founded?
What is the name of AFC Bournemouth’s ground?
What is AFC Bournemouth’s nickname?

2. Send an email

Send an email with the subject line ‘TFTSE – AFC Bournemouth – Savile Rogue – Competition Entry’
Don’t forget your contact details. Just saying.


Simply can’t wait, simply gotta have one now. Then use this voucher/discount code: TFTSE10
This will give a 10% off the entire range (code is now live until the end of the year)

Savile Rogue was founded in 2006, because we wanted to watch and support our beloved teams without having cheap nylon around our necks. Using a Scottish mill we set about making traditional football scarves in cashmere wool that were sumptuously soft, stylish and subtly free of club names and logos. Scarves that were high enough quality to wear not just to the match but on any occasion.

Cashmere wool is one of the most precious natural fibres known to man. It is uniquely soft and warm without being bulky. Our fine, top grade wool is selected from cashmere goats in Mongolia, the world’s cashmere capital, with each goat producing only enough wool for a single Savile Rogue scarf every year (it takes the the entire annual output of three goats to make just one of our sweaters).

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