WOLVES 1 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 2: Arter and Ritchie leave Jackett wandering where it all went wrong

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CHAMPIONSHIP | 6th December 2014 | ATT: 20196 | REF: Mick Jones (7/10)



Wolves 1-0



Bournemouth 1-1



Bournemouth 2-1




Where are we in the league?

POINTS COUNTDOWN | PLAYED: 20 | WON: 10 | DRAWN: 6 | LOST: 4 | Points: 36



MATCH REPORT: We’ve never won f**k all, but we did win this game.

The Cherries push to the Championship summit, the Premiership and more history came another step closer with another three points on the road.

The ‘big’ name of Wolverhampton Wanderers was another ground to visit and another team to beat, but from the kick-off the Cherries were reliving unhappy traits of old. A slow start to a game is a rarity for Bournemouth, but all those pies were taking there toll. As the home side Wolves were looking to take the game to the visitors and halt a run of four successive defeats.

The Cherries were struggling to stem the tide and had Boruc to thank for keeping out several very good chances. Slow to close down and misplaced passes were making it even easier for the home side. It almost seemed inevitable that the home side would score. However, as the first half headed towards its conclusion it looked like the Cherries could regroup and go again in the second 45. But, a killer blow was struck just before the break as Danny Graham forced himself between two Cherries defenders to guide the ball home with his head.

Where was it all going wrong? Don’t know but after some half-time wide awake juice the Cherries were finally back in the game

Where was it all going wrong? Don’t know but after some half-time wide awake juice the Cherries were finally back in the game. But Wolves had a one-nil lead to protect, but could they keep out the Cherries for 45 minutes. We all know the answer to that question, but the turning point was the sending-off. A straight red for an elbow on Cook left Wolves with 10-men and that precious lead. Was it a red card? Wolves fans will say no, but looking at the replays the player leads with his arm and got nowhere near the ball. Didn’t look that intentional, but the ref gave a red and that’s the end of it.

We (the fans) can argue as much as we like about whether or not its a red card, and there will be a few differing opinions we are sure, but only one opinion counts, the referees. It happens to every team and it’s f**king annoying, but it happens.

This gave the visitors even more impetus to go and find an equaliser. It still took the Cherries over 10 minutes to make the one-man advantage count as Harry Arter blasted a shot from the edge of the area. A slight deflection made sure that it beat the keeper. The Cherries were now in the ascendency and looking for the winner. They couldn’t afford to drop another 2 points for the third game in succession. Wolves were now holding on as the Cherries threw everything at them and the winner finally came in the 85th minute. Callum Wilson looked to have put the Cherries in front with a near post header, but a great header off the line looked to have rescued Wolves. No such luck, the ball was only headed as far as Matt Ritchie who volleyed home through a crowd of players. Wolves finally sprang back into life looking for an equaliser, but they couldn’t make the breakthrough as the Cherries finally got back to winning ways.

“When you walk out onto a pitch to play football you don’t play history you play the team in front of you”

A few of the Wolves were obviously incensed with the referee, as was the owner, after the game this was aimed at ‘tinpot’ AFC Bournemouth. When you walk out onto a pitch to play football you don’t play history you play the team in front of you. We may not have won f**k all but we have had two promotions after being bottom of League Two just over 5 years ago. Wolves may have an illustrious history, but most fans will need to about 80 to remember the real glory years. They won the play-offs in 2003, the same year as AFC Bournemouth. They got promoted twice in the 2000’s just like the Cherries.

History needs to be made and this could be just the beginning of a golden period for AFC Bournemouth. As least we have always been crap and can really appreciate the glory that has and is coming our way. Rather than harking back to the past to make yourself feel good. We don’t give a f**k what others have won, we are just enjoying the moment.


A few Wolves fans were a little upset after yesterdays defeat. It happens



AFCBStarManThe hard-working Ritchie, was as hard-working as ever and got the winning goal to go with his all-round good performance. A big thumbs also goes to the fans.

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