JIMMY QUINN: 4-4-2, he hasn’t got a clue

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This is what life in the Conference looks like

This is what life in the Conference looks like

Its difficult to know where to start after watching what is possibly one of the worst displays in recent times.

There has been plenty of competition, especially when Bond was in charge. Who’s to blame for this current debacle? Everyone. It look like Jimmy Quinn’s managerial experience in the Conference is going to stand him in good stead. It almost looks like AFC Bournemouth are preparing for life in non-league. We have a manager with a Conference pedigree, as assistant we have a failed Conference manager and a strike-force from non-league. All bodes well for next season.

Jimmy Quinn talks the talk, but as we all know talk is cheap. The change of formation and personnel had little effect on a team that has forgotten how to pass. Quinn seems obsessed with pumping balls into the box and playing one up front. Its fucking Sunday League hit and hope football.

Quinn told the Daily Echo ‘We need you with us’. To a certain extent we have to agree, there’s no point booing the team constantly. They need encouraging, but the fans need something to be encouraged about and that can only come from the team and the manager. Taking a positive stance we will win on Saturday and be in positive points after the next League game. Otherwise, its the Conference calling and/or goodbye Jimmy Quinn.

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