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We were going to put together a full report on Saturdays game, but much like the Cherries season it was dull, dreary and disappointing, so we really cannot be bothered, much like the players.

With two teams with nothing to play for this was hardly going to be a classic and so it proved. The Cherries did score a goal, I would say of quality, but I don’t like to lie. We are trying to muster the enthusiasm to say more but much like the team and the interim manager we cant be bothered.

With performances like Saturdays proving to be very much the new standard, we almost wish that Bradbury was back at the helm, at least we got an occassionally interesting game. And, why is Addison getting in front of Zubar in the defensive pecking order I will never know, he’s so slow Supa Fletch could outpace him.

Whoever is in charge next season, and lets hope its not Paul Groves, they will really need to trim down the squad and start giving those who stay a vision and reason to win.

The next home game is the last of the season and we really cannot be bothered to turn up. If we do it will be out of duty rather than want. Roll on next season and let’s hope its proves to be the season we should have had this season.

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