AFCB MOANERS & SCEPTICS: Stop moaning and get real!!

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Finally, the saga of the Cherries ownership has passed from the old to the new (well newish) and we can look forward to a more fruitful season on the pitch.

But, as always there are plenty of moaners and sceptics… who only seem to spout doom and gloom. The Echo message board is a favourite source, with many claiming they have a realistic view on what the future holds for the club. If they really had a realistic view they would realise that this is about as good as it gets.

No-one with spare millions is ever likely to start throwing ridiculous amounts of cash as the club. Like many other lower league clubs it is a slow rebuilding process that will undoutedly take time. And as for those who keep telling us Eddie Mitchell is only in it to build on Dean Court, they are complete idiots.

There is currently no buoyant housing market and would the council, and of course the Friends of Kings Park, really let it happen? No. It s a public space and would be used as such. So we say, SHUT UP, STOP MOANING and BE GRATEFUL that someone wants to take the club on and give us back the team we love.

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