FOOTBALL CHANTS: Stupid (non-swearing) insults

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We all know swearing is big and clever, but most footballers hear it every week. Most abuse is preceded by the F word, so we thought we would come up with some insults that don’t include any swearing.

Remember footballers aren’t the brightest bunch and our stupid insults might even cause more confusion in their tiny little minds.

We decided to start with the number 2. Most players who wear 2 are typically nearer the fans, so more likely to get insulted on a regular basis. Don’t think there has been a great deal of thought put into these insults. There are stupid and we like them. Try them out at the next home game and make sure the useless f**kwit who happens to be wearing the No.2 shirt gets to hear them.

Stupid Insults: No.2

01. No2, Is that your IQ

02. Boo (becasue it rhymes)

03. No2, My mum’s better than you

04. No2, you smell of pooh

If anyone can think of any more stupid insults, let us know and we will add them to the list.

Try some for goalkeepers, wingers and of course, generally the most moronic, strikers.

So come on, lets get shouting at every No2 and see if we can get a reaction out of them.

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